Unused Terrain

UNUSED TERRAIN is a passion project that was borne out of the Masters of Education – Education for Sustainability –  program in the department of Educational Studies  at the University of British Columbia.

Inspired by a passion for vacant land, this group project began as an attempt to access a 10-acre contaminated vacant site owned by the City of Vancouver for the activation of a temporary use project. A failed attempt, might I add!

Many lessons were learned along the way, including: start smaller, make connections, discover the process, prototype ideas, fail until you succeed

In doing so, UNUSED TERRAIN gained a lot of knowledge about how to help site-seekers access City-owned vacant land to activate temporary-use projects.

Take a look at our business plan, toolkit, and achievements in the drop-down menu for details about the vacant site identification and activation process.

If you’re keen, check out UNUSED TERRAIN


In developing the concept for UNUSED TERRAIN, we worked closely with the resources provided by City Studio, an innovation hub where students, faculty, city staff and the community work together to make Vancouver more sustainable.

We discovered that City Studio has hosted another group interested in vacant sites. Orphaned Spaces was a group of students interested in mapping the unused public land in the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood.

We contacted Orphaned Spaces to learn more about their work and to connect with other vacant land enthusiasts!

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