Welcome to the augmented and virtual reality health applications website. This site is designed to support and disseminate the research and development of health applications using these technologies at UBC. There are a number of projects at the university exploring the potential for these new technologies here, and we welcome contributions and membership by researchers or those with an interest in the field.

Bernie Garrett
UBC School of Nursing,
August 2015

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Immersive Multimedia Experiences for Cancer Patients with Chronic Pain

Status: Paused until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. 
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  1. David Blaind

    My friend Wendy Boissevain suggested I contact you regarding your VR study in Victoria, BC. to help with chronic pain. I am a cancer survivor (testicular cancer – 1999) and I have had spinal disk fusion surgery in February 2015. Unfortunately I deal with chronic pain daily as the surgery did not significantly reduce the pain. I am interested in ways of reducing my chronic pain.


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