ASIS&T Meeting – Oct 15
Start time: 1:05 PM
End time: 1:28 PM
Chair: Eka

Attendees: Eka Grguric, Matthew Root, Samuel Dodson, Monica Swamiraj, Matthew Murray, Micky Byrnes, Krista Parham, Maggie Faber, Bonnie Paige


1. Events
a. Conference – who has been in touch with others? Place to stay?
b. SLAISers who code: 5 PM tonight Trail Room
Mickey – signs ready!
Wednesdays works best for others
ASIS&T wiki has list of resources/tools/resources
2. Makerspace report
a. Can we have more faculty members? Nice to meet with real person behind faculty. BUT, might cause people to shut down. However, we did not reach a consensus at this point.
b. Our last makerspace went well!
Nail polish – we painted nails
Felt puppets – Krista & Anna
Video game emulator – Matthew M
c. Stuff available for people to work on
d. People should add projects to the wiki
e. Make makerspace wiki more findable!!
f. Tweet coffee pot – with power switch tail – everyone’s excited about this project!
g. Krista – to make a list of things we need for the makerspace because Eka says that “as long as we have a list, we can ask ASIS&T for money”
h. Matthew/Bonnie will look into the campus grants for our stuff
3. Treasurer report
a. We have enough funds
b. LASSA is giving money this week
c. Krista has receipts – to be filled in by Krista herself! She will submit to Michael Wynn, who is the LASSA treasurer
4. Excel tutorial
a. Maggie – has taught basic stuff before, but knows how to do cool stuff. Has handouts for basics, will prep for advanced.
b. two sessions – so people can start with basics and move to the next level.
c. Tuesday: lunch hour – 2 Tuesdays in November: 4th and 18th 12noon to 1 PM
d. Krista: Snack and ?: Coffee and Eka: promotion. Send to listserv and ask for volunteers
e. Send signup sheet – full event
5. ASIS&T report
a. Hedda and Eka are working on the report.
b. Krista will send the list of things needed for makerspace, so they can be included in the report
6. All you can eat SUSHI – ideas?
7. Funding issues
a. AMS group – do we have more funding opportunity? Bonnie to look
b. Grants from GSS, access to signage etc.
c. Money in AMS bank that needs to transfer to ASIS&T