Date: Nov 12, 2014

Start time: 1:15 PM end: 1:35 PM

Attendees: Hedda Monaghan, Krista Parham, Eka Grguric , Rebecca Lahr, Micky Byrnes, Matthew Murray, Monica Swamiraj, Maggie Faber, Rob Hamaker, Stephanie Fan, Bonnie Paige

* Eka stepped down as Co-chair as she took up a position with ASIS&T proper

* ASIS&T recap meeting

   ** ASIS&T @ UBC to potentially host a conference session where ASIS&T attendees will present their posters and discussions
   ** Goals: publicize good work done by students, motivate and inspire other students, talk about how to publish in a conference, prep for a conference, etc.
   ** Formats to conduct the recap meeting: similar to research day? piggy-back on unconference in Jan?
   ** Krista will ask if faculty members who presented at ASIS&T would also like to participate
   ** Location: Trail room? Or piggy-back on unconference in Jan
   ** Dates: last week of November? But everyone will be busy. Potentially combine with unconference.
* Eka voted for no meetings on Wednesdays
* Krista will ask for reimbursement from LASSA
* Hedda provided an update on Beginner’s Excel workshop
* Makerspace
   ** Krista will share a google doc that contains a list of things that ASIS&T @ UBC proposes to buy with the ASIS&T grant for makerspace
   ** Next makerspace will take place on Friday (Nov 14).
** We will also have knitting supplies there
   ** Krista will send photos from previous makerspace to Matthew
* Hedda proposed “Cool Tools unconference” to be held in January, potentially the first Friday of the term. She emphasized the need to start planning early
   ** Hedda can be a host
   ** Matthew suggested creating a wiki for topics
   ** Krista suggested getting speakers from outside SLAIS (like Rama from VIVA who came last year)
   ** We still need to decide on: volunteers, food, logistics, advertising
   ** Hedda will shoot an email for volunteers

* Anna could not make it to the meeting but had following information, which Krista read out:

“[Anna] was approached by someone who wanted to know if the ASIS&T at UBC chapter would be interested in mocking up a simple MP3 player for use by disabled patrons. Generally the buttons/touch screens on many MP3 players aren’t usable by disabled populations. She was interested in a simple device that could be made by her own library via various components that are generally readily available.”

“The SIG ED (that’s the Education SIG) is interested in working with ASIS&T chapters. They’d love to help us do events or learn new skills (for instance, they do a lot of webinars and would be happy to talk with us about how to put together a webinar) [Anna doesn’t] have many details yet, but [will] be attending their next meeting virtually in a month or so and could suggest things. If we’re interested in working with an ASIS&T SIG and building closer connections to the organization, this is a chance to do so.”