Hi all! Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to this term:

Science Literacy Week Readers’ Advisory


The awesome folks at the Woodward Library hosted a Science Expo as part of their #scilit16 celebrations. We brought our Magic Mirror, which showcased a list of Great Science Reads contributed by UBC Faculty. Meanwhile, we filled the RAD with 100 Science Fiction and 100 Non-Fiction Science recommendations of our own.

Many thanks to Sally Taylor and the other event organizers for inviting us to participate!

Experimenting at “Library Test Kitchen”

Back in September, a faculty member passed on this article about a course called “Library Test Kitchen” at Simmons College. We decided to start up an informal, bi-weekly drop-in event of the same name. Our hope is that creating a regular space for experimentation and collaboration will encourage us and our fellow students get comfortable with technology outside of class. Here’s a sample of what people have been up to so far:

  • Collaborating with a community library as they migrate their Koha-based catalogue
  • Harvesting metadata from UBC’s Open Collections using its API
  • Talking about linked data while creating ontologies in Protégé
  • Coloring + eating snacks

Have something you want to learn or a tool you want to test drive? Let us know!

Sound interesting?

Test Kitchen #3 will be Tuesday, November 15 from 5-7pm. This time, we’ll be in the shiny new Pod Room, a mysterious glass box of a room that appeared in the corner of the SLAIS computer lab after a summer of renovations. Stop by to find out what the Pod Room is, what technological treasures it may hold, and what cool things we can make by our powers combined.