BC Bio 2020 Schedule

BC Bio is in less than a week! Here’s the plan for the 2-hour session (May 13th, 2-4pm):

We will open the zoom environment up between 15 and 30 minutes early, to allow everyone time to check their connections, and test audio/ video. Please feel free to join us and say hello!

  • 2:00-2:10: Arrivals, welcome, land acknowledgement, ground rules
  • 2:10-2:25: “Building Community in Online Classes” Short talk by Peter Newbury, Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning, UBCO
  • 2:25-3:05: “Learning from our Students: My 40 years in Biology Education” Plenary talk by Joan Sharp, Teaching Professor SFU
  • 3:05-3:10: Transition to Breakout Sessions, Round A
  • 3:10-3:25: Breakout Sessions, Round A (15 min)
  • 3:25-3:30: Return from breakout sessions, and transition to Round B
  • 3:30-3:45: Breakout Sessions Round B (15 min)
  • 3:45-4:00 (and beyond, if folks wish to stay): Report on breakout rooms, chat, socialize, discuss.

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time! Click here to register (link removed)!

About the Breakout Rooms:

We will have two round of breakout rooms (we have named them Rounds A & B). During the first 30 minutes of the event, you will be asked to navigate to a Google Doc and sign up for one session in Round A, and one session in Round B. At 2:30pm, we will take this information and build the breakout groups. We will only have space for a specific number of members in each breakout room, so we please ask you to choose another room if all of the spots are full.

Here is a draft list of the breakout rooms we are considering (subject to change).

Round A:

  • Online Course Design
  • Continuing the conversation with Peter Newbury: Developing course community
  • Continuing the conversation Joan Sharp: Connecting with students and pedagogy
  • Hands-on lab activities at home
  • Active learning in an online environment
  • Course planning: asynchronous vs synchronous components
  • Instructor workload and burnout
  • Best practices in asynchronous environments
  • Supporting TAs
  • No specific topic, I just want to chat!

Round B:

  • Effective videos and lecture-capture
  • Inclusivity & Accessibility
  • Academic integrity and assessment
  • Structuring labs
  • Large classes
  • Semester-long group projects
  • Student approaches to learning
  • Increasing engagement in asynchronous environments
  • Exams and assessments
  • No specific topic, I just want to chat!

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