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Calling DIBS Ep 35: Calling DIBS on DIBS

Dave Hardisty and I reflect on the origins of UBC-DIBS, BIG Difference BC, and the Advanced Professional […]

Listen to Episode 35: “Calling DIBS on DIBS” with Kirstin Appelt, Research Director of UBC Decision Insights for Business & Society (UBC-DIBS).
(28 minutes; posted January 12, 2022)

In this episode with guest host Dave Hardisty, we mix things up and Kirstin is the interviewee rather than the interviewer. Kirstin talks about her BI journey, the DIBS origin story, how BIG Difference BC got its start, and how the Advanced Professional Certificate in Behavioural Insights developed. She also reflects on the growing BI community in BC and what she’s excited about for BI in BC going forward.

For the full list of podcast episodes, check out the Calling DIBS page on the BI wiki.

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