BI Learning & Careers

BI Learning & Careers

By developing and practicing your Behavioural Insights knowledge and skills, you can create solutions that draw on the behavioural and decision sciences and use the scientific method to test those solutions. Further, you can learn how to nudge for good — how to use BI ethically and guard against misuse.

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Resources for BI Learning & Careers

Sample BI Career Pathway:

This infographic outlines a sample career pathway, but keep in mind that there are nearly as many different BI career paths as there are BI professionals. This does not capture all BI roles or paths. Additionally, at each level, there is a wide range of roles, job titles, and training/experience. Use this resource as a starting point for your explorations, rather than as a map to follow.

Sample BI career pathway infographic (PDF available)
BI Knowledge & Skills Matrix:

This infographic provides a high-level overview of the different categories of knowledge and skills typically needed for different types of BI roles. The matrix describes the combination of knowledge and skills typically needed at different career levels. The levels and combinations of expertise shown are illustrative and will vary between organizations.

BI Knowledge & Skills Matrix infographic (PDF available)
How Business & Policy Tools Relate to BI:

This infographic shows some of the points of intersection between BI and common business and policy tools. This includes where experiences with other approaches will benefit your BI practice, and where BI experience will benefit other approaches. Additionally, it suggests where you can turn to further develop related skills.

How Business & Policy Tools Relate to BI infographic (PDF available)
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OUR OTHER Resources
  • The Calling DIBS podcast has episodes profiling BI careers in different sectors, providing advice for BI careers, and discussing graduate school in the behavioural sciences.
  • This BIG Difference BC blogpost showcases how BI practitioners use Behavioural Insights in their work.
Third-Party Resources

UBC’s Behavioural Insights Programs

UBC’s Decision Insights for Business & Society (UBC-DIBS) and UBC Sauder Continuing Business Studies have partnered with a nationwide steering committee to develop and offer Behavioural Insights programs geared toward working professionals:

  • Fundamentals of Behavioural Insights: Learn how BI creates positive behaviour change and add a BI lens to how you approach problems. This part-time online course introduces Behavioural Insights, experimentation, and ethics over the course of three weeks. Offered multiple times per year.
  • Advanced Professional Certificate in Behavioural Insights: Become a BI Practitioner and design and evaluate BI solutions in your workplace. This rigorous, live online program combines coursework and a capstone project to help you develop your BI knowledge and skills over the course of nine months. The program runs September-May each year; application deadlines are May 31 (early) and June 30 (late).
  • Scholarship Opportunities: There are a number of funding opportunities for the full certificate program, including the BIG Difference BC scholarship, BC Pacific Leaders Scholarship (for BC Public Servants), and more.

Learn more about these programs by reading our brochure or signing up for the next webinar.

Master’s Programs in the Behavioural & Decision Sciences

Most Master’s programs are not specifically focused on the practice of Behavioural Insights, instead they provide a grounding in the Behavioural and Decision Sciences (the fields upon which the practice of Behavioural Insights draws). Below we provide a non-exhaustive list of Master’s programs with a focus on Behavioural Science and Behavioural Economics programs.

  • Programs are listed alphabetically within region. Most programs seem to be in Europe and the US. As far as we know, there is not currently a Master’s program in Canada.
  • The list does not include programs in Public Policy, Public Health, or other related fields.
  • The list includes a mix of part-time and full-time, in-person and online, research and executive programs.
  • List items are not vetted in terms of program attributes or quality.
  • For more information, visit the program websites. (The DIBS faculty are also always happy to chat with any of our former students interested in pursuing a Master’s in the Behavioural and Decision Sciences.)

United Kingdom

The Netherlands

Elsewhere in Europe

United States

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PhD Programs in the Behavioural & Decision Sciences

As with Master’s programs, the majority of PhD programs are not specifically focused on the practice of Behavioural Insights, instead they provide a grounding in the Behavioural and Decision Sciences (the fields upon which the practice of Behavioural Insights draws).

Job Boards & Leads

Many Behavioural Insights newsletters and organizations advertise jobs; check out our list of recommended newsletters.

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