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Decision Science Event for Teens (Jun 24)

Vancouver’s Science World is hosting a decision science night for teens on June 24 […]

Vancouver’s Science World is hosting “SWEET Dilemma” on Friday, June 24, 6-9pm PT. This event is a way for youth aged 13-18 to experience and learn about the science that guides how and what we decide.

Register now at Please share the word with teens who might be interested!

From Science World:

Science World Extravagant Evenings for Teens (SWEETs) are back and better than ever!

As teens, we face simple decisions everyday: whether to procrastinate on that assignment, eat those Doritos, or sleep in just a few minutes longer. What influences what we buy? How do we make decisions under pressure and why do we choose what we do?

High School Students, join us for some amazing guest presenters, decision making activities, and live shows! Come find out: can we guide what you decide?

Galleries will be open to explore. The event will feature Science World’s newest exhibition T. rex: The Ultimate Predator showcasing the most up-to-date models of the Tyrannosaurus rex as a hatchling, four year old and adult, complete with proto-feather coverings!

All SWEET events are planned and run by Science World’s high school volunteer Teen Advisory Group

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