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BIT Webinar on Applying BI in the Private Sector (Jun 28)

BIT is hosting a webinar on reducing fraud and promoting cybersecurity on Tues., June 28 […]

The Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, June 28, on applying behavioural science in the private sector, which is a topic some of our community have been asking to learn more about.

Using behavioural science to find “Win-Win-Win” opportunities for companies, their customers, employees and society

Session #1: Reducing Fraud & Promoting Cybersecurity

(Tuesday, June 28th at 9am PT)

The first webinar in our ‘private sector’ series will focus on opportunities to apply behavioral insights to:

  • Help employees and customers resist online scams
  • Increase compliance to cybersecurity measures/practices
  • Promote honesty in filing insurance claims and providing financial information

Learn more or register at

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