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Resource: BIT Podcast on Creating BI Units

BIT’s ‘Inside The Nudge Unit’ podcast has an episode on creating a successful Nudge Unit of your own […]

We don’t normally post about single episodes of third-party podcasts, but occasionally there’s one that seems like it will really capture folks’ interest. Encouraging the use of BI in organizations is a hot topic for many of us. This episode is about creating a BI unit, but many of the lessons will apply to encouraging BI in an organization in any way shape or form.

Here’s more from BIT:

The latest episode of our podcast ‘Inside The Nudge Unit’ looks at how to go about creating a successful Nudge Unit of your own through the experiences of non-for-profit health insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts who have worked with BIT over the last two years to create their own successful behavioural science team.

But how did they go about it? And what lessons does this work offer for other organisations who are looking to set up their own dedicated behavioural science functions? To find out more, Mark and Rebecca are joined by Scott Young, BIT’s Private Sector lead and Michael Hallsworth, BIT’s Managing Director for the Americas. Together, they cover:

  • How to convince senior leadership in the value of behavioural science
  • Building wider engagement and overcoming scepticism
  • The need for an internal champion
  • How to broaden the use of behavioural insights beyond the initial wins

Listen to the episode or read this article from the journal Health Affairs.

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