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BEAR hiring Research Associate

BEAR is hiring a Research Associate to support their “Behaviourally Informed Organizations” project […]

The University of Toronto’s Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman (BEAR) research centre is hiring a Research Associate to support their “Behaviourally Informed Organizations: Creating an Integrative Theory of Behavioural Change and Embedding it in Organizations” project.

This partnership project aims to use rigorous research to a) develop an integrated framework for behaviour change by drawing on literatures in behavioural economics, psychology, marketing and related disciplines; b) testing the framework in complex dynamic environments, namely financial inclusion, preventive health and wellness, and environment and sustainability, and c) identifying ways in which organization can best harness behavioural insights. In addition to Professor Soman, the research team includes 20 additional researchers from universities in Canada, USA and Hong Kong; as well as 18 non-academic organizations. 

The incumbent will support the overall research mission of the partnership and perform research and related activities with a high degree of independence. The incumbent will design, direct, execute, analyze and present in written and oral forms practitioner and policy briefs that build on and/or take advantage of the research resources and expertise within the research team as well as the incumbent’s academic expertise.

Learn more and apply (by Feb. 21):

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