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Social Marketing Network Webinar on Humour in Social Advertising (Feb 28)

This webinar looks at whether humour can encourage bystanders to intervene for problematic, risky behaviours […]

Yes I will say something. How humour influences intention to intervene and how social marketing can help!

Problematic and risky behaviours such as drink driving, drug taking and binge drinking often take place is social situations where a bystander could intervene. To date, no research has examined social marketing’s effect on interveners, the ability for humorous social advertising to increase intervening behaviour, nor the mechanisms by which that might work. Using an experimental design, we find that social advertising messages perceived as comedically reproducible provide audiences with a tool for intervening beyond their own humour style.

Janine Williams (Victoria University of Wellington), Ann-Marie Kennedy (University of Canterbury) and Nicholas Ashill (Victoria University of Wellington) share their findings that can be used by social marketers to create and pre-test the effectiveness of humorous campaigns aimed at interveners.

Brought to you by the NZ Social Marketing Network.

When: Tuesday, February 28, at 3:30pm PT


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