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UBC-DIBS Behavioural Insights Seminar f. Dr. Vince Hopkins (Mar 10)

Vince Hopkins (University of Saskatchewan) will share his work exploring how financial scarcity impacts take-up of employment services […]

UBC-DIBS Behavioural Insights Seminar

Friday, Mar. 10, 10-11am PT
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How Does Financial Scarcity Impact Take-Up of Employment Services? Evidence from a Survey Experiment

Vince Hopkins
University of Saskatchewan

Labour market programs help people improve their job chances, but low-income individuals rarely participate. We conduct a survey experiment in British Columbia, Canada (N=1,274), exploring whether financial scarcity leads to temporal discounting in the context of employment services. We find that low-income individuals prefer job training programs with immediate benefits when faced with a large financial shock, while high-income individuals do not.

The UBC-DIBS Behavioural Insights Seminar series features researchers and practitioners sharing their field and lab projects using the behavioural and decision sciences to “nudge for good”. Recordings of past seminars are available on the BI wiki here. To subscribe or unsubscribe, email

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