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Apple is hiring Behavioral Science Intern

Apple is hiring for a summer internship position on their behavioral science team […]

From James Rae, Behavioral Science Manager at Apple

We have a summer internship opportunity on our behavioral science team at Apple!

We are looking for someone with interests in one or more of the following: measurement, survey methodology, longitudinal research, experience sampling/EMA, or modeling of decision processes. (That list spans a range of projects an intern might work on; we are not expecting one person to cover all of that!) Familiarity with and/or interest in machine learning is a must. Experience with mobile sensing would be a bonus.

For additional context, our behavioral science team is located within Apple Media Products that works on Apple Music, App Store, TV, Books, and Podcasts.

Applicants should be enrolled in grad school and still have course/thesis work left to complete after the summer. The position will be based in Seattle.

Please spread the word! And if you’re interested in applying, reach out to me on LinkedIn and I’ll pass on your details to our university recruiter!

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