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Resource: BIT Manifesto for Applying Behavioural Science

BIT’s Michael Hallsworth has released a manifesto that is intended to provide a roadmap for the future of Behavioural Insights […]

Dr. Michael Hallsworth, the Managing Director of BIT Americas, has spent the last few years working on “A Manifesto for Applying Behavioral Science”, which is is intended to provide a roadmap for the future of Behavioural Insights. Dr. Hallsworth presented an early version of his manifesto at BIG Difference BC 2021. The final version of the manifesto is now available:

Here’s more from Michael:

Behavioural science has made a major impact on important issues over the past decade, such as antimicrobial resistance, educational attainment, and sustainability. But it’s also clear that applied behavioural science needs to evolve to fulfil its true potential.

A Manifesto for Applying Behavioral Science charts the path forward. This major work marks a turning point for applied behavioral science, taking a clear-eyed look at challenges facing the field and offering ten proposals to address them. 

Its proposals will improve the scope, methods and values of applied behavioural science, and are critical for practitioners, clients, academics, and funders to engage in to take the field into its next decade of impact.

An infographic proposes ways practitioners, clients, academics, and funders can address criticisms of behavioural science by adjusting the scope, methods, or values of applied behavioural science.

The 10 proposals are:

  1. Use behavioural science as a lens
  2. Build behavioural science into organisations
  3. See the system
  4. Put RCTs in their place
  5. Replication, variation, adaptation
  6. Beyond lists of biases
  7. Predict and adjust
  8. Be humble, explore, and enable
  9. Data science for equity
  10. No “view from nowhere”

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