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Last Call: Fundamentals of Behavioural Insights (Apr 17-May 7)

Last call to register for the April 17-May 7 session of UBC’s introductory BI course — last session this spring […]

How does Behavioural Insights create positive behavioural change? How can you use a Behavioural Insights lens to tackle problems?

Learn more with the Fundamentals of Behavioural Insights, a three-week introductory course that provides an introduction to behavioural insights, experimentation, and ethics.

UBC Fundamentals of BI blurb
  • Format: Part-time with live online seminars
    • Option A: Thursdays, 2-4pm PT (5-7pm ET)
    • Option B: Thursdays, 5-7pm PT (8-10pm ET)
  • Length: 3 weeks
  • Cost: $995
  • Next offered: April 17-May 7 (This is the last session of this prerequisite course prior to the application deadlines for the Advanced Professional Certificate!)
  • Register now!
What Program Alumni Say

“The UBC Advanced Professional Certificate in Behavioural Insights program provided me with a practical toolkit to incorporate into my current field of work. From behavioural insights theory to statistical analysis and project management, this course taught me how to create, execute, analyze, and scale behavioural interventions accordingly. Whether in a traditional field like marketing or something more modernized such as user experience, this program applies to various work areas and levels of expertise.”

Richard Galazzo
Content Marketing Lead, CENGN
Class of 2022

About BI

BI combines an understanding of how we all make decisions plus rigorous research methods to tackle a variety of problems from sustainability to compliance to employee engagement and beyond. UBC Sauder’s Behavioural Insights programs can provide you with the BI skills and knowledge to make evidence-based policy and product decisions to increase your strategic impact.

About UBC’s BI Programs
  • Learn how to add a BI lens to how you approach problems by enrolling in UBC’s Fundamentals of Behavioural Insights course. This three-week, live online course provides an introduction to behavioural insights, experimentation, and ethics. This course is next offered April 17-May 7. (This course is also a required prerequisite for the Advanced Professional Certificate and this is the last time it will be offered prior to this year’s application deadlines!)
  • Learn how to develop and test appropriate BI solutions for different challenges by applying for UBC’s Advanced Professional Certificate in Behavioural Insights. The certificate is rigorous BI Practitioner training that combines live online coursework and a capstone project to help you develop your BI knowledge and skills. The early-bird deadline for applications for the 2023-2024 cohort is May 31.

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