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Resource: BIT Reports on Women in the Workforce

The folks at the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) have shared learnings about how BI can improve progression opportunities for women in the workforce […]

The folks at the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) have created a series of reports about barriers to advancement for women in the workforce. They also co-hosted an event with J.P. Morgan Chase to discuss solutions.

Here’s more from them:

In this global research programme, we reveal the harsh reality that women in low-paid and low-skill work face across the UK, France, Spain, and South Africa. Today we publish four reports summarising the barriers faced by low-paid women to progression in each country, alongside solutions that employers and public services can implement to overcome these challenges.

To understand the barriers and generate solutions across the four countries, we conducted: 

  • An extensive literature review
  • Surveys with around 6,000 low-paid workers 
  • In-depth interviews with 24 low-paid women 
  • Co-design workshops bringing together 44 employers and research organisations. 

You can read the reports and listen to an address from Eva Myers, co-director of economic policy at BIT, for more context and details on the findings.

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