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Calling DIBS: Season 3 Wrap-Up

We released episodes covering BI critiques and new research, how BI is being used to tackle the climate crisis, research design, intersections between fields, and uses of BI across sectors and roles […]

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As we wrap up Season 3 of the Calling DIBS podcast, we want to say huge thank you to all of our amazing guests this season. We feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to call dibs on you! Now, let’s look back at the 19 episodes we released in 2022-2023:

  • BI Critiques & New Research
    • Episode 63: “Searching for Positive Spillover” with Jiaying Zhao, Associate Professor of Psychology and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at UBC
    • Episode 61: “Are You an Influencer? The Answer May Surprise You” with Vanessa Bohns, Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Cornell University
    • Episode 58: “Include Indigenous Worldviews” with Emily Salmon, PhD student, University of Victoria, & Member of Cowichan Tribes
  • Applications of BI: Spotlight on the Climate Crisis
    • Episode 54: “Using Standardization & Customization to Navigate Partnerships & Scaling” with Cecilia Sluga, Behaviour Change Senior Lead at Delterra
    • Episode 53: “Changing Behaviour & Systems for Maximum Impact on the Climate Crisis” with Cecilia Sluga, Behaviour Change Senior Lead at Delterra
    • Episode 51: “Using BI to Encourage a Return to Reusable Lifestyles” with Marika Smith, Sustainability Specialist with the City of Victoria
  • Conducting BI Projects: Spotlight on Research Design
    • Episode 57: “Designing Meaningful, Novel, & Impactful Research” with Emily Cardon, Principal Advisor & Head of Research for BIT Americas, & Stephanie Wilcoxen, Senior Research Advisor, BIT
    • Episode 56: “Comparing Lab, Survey, & Field Research Designs” with Vince Hopkins, Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the University of Saskatchewan
  • Intersections Between BI & Other Fields
    • Episode 62: “Be the Voice of the User” with Brittany Burrows, Behavioural & Product Designer
    • Episode 60: “Frameworks Make It Easy” with Whitney Queisser, Lifecycle Marketer
    • Episode 47: “How BI Unlocks Extra Tools in the Marketing, Strategy, & Design Toolkits” with Melinda Deines, Director of Marketing & Communications at SLD
    • Episode 46: “How Behavioural Insights & User Experience Intersect” with Stephanie Kuhn, Senior Business Analyst with the BC Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Training
  • Using BI Across Sectors & Roles
    • Episode 59: “Leave Room for Learning” with Shannon McDonaugh, Program Manager in Behavioural Insights at the Nova Scotia Outpost for Public Sector Innovation
    • Episode 55: “On Being a BI Pioneer Within an Organization” with Sharilynn Wardrop, Protected Areas Ecologist with BC Parks
    • Episode 52: “A BI Lens on BI Careers” with Rhiannon Mosher, Human-Centred Design Researcher with the Behavioural Science Office within the Public Health Agency of Canada
    • Episode 50: “Behavioural Insights in the Federal Government & International Organizations” with Heather Devine, Senior Lead of the Behavioural Science Office at the Public Health Agency of Canada
    • Episode 49: “Managing People & Plans to Maximize BI Project Success & Satisfaction” with Dana Hubackova, Project Manager with the BC Ministry of Children & Family Development
    • Episode 48: “Behavioural Insights as a Role & a Tool” with Anna Burrowes, Methods Specialist with the BC Behavioural Insights Group (BC BIG)
    • Episode 45: “Build Your BI Community” with Amalia Colussi, UX Writer and Researcher at AlayaCare

We can’t wait to be back in 2023-2024 for another season full of interviews with BI enthusiasts and experts exploring how to conduct BI projects, using BI across sectors and challenges, intersections of BI with other fields, BI critiques, BI careers, and more.

For the full list of podcast episodes, check out the Calling DIBS page on the BI wiki or subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or Amazon Music.

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