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Announcing UBC-DIBS Behavioural Insights Seminar 2023-2024

The UBC-DIBS BI seminar series returns to cover applying BI to criminal justice, sustainability, and reconciliation challenges; BI tools like social norms and framing; and a newly released BI book […]

UBC Decision Insights for Business & Society (UBC-DIBS) is excited to announce another outstanding line-up of researchers and practitioners for the 2023-2024 Behavioural Insights Seminar Series. These speakers will be sharing their lab and field projects using the behavioural and decision sciences to “nudge for good”. Register to attend at

Join us on select Fridays at 1-2pm Pacific on Zoom to learn about:

UBC-DIBS Behavioural Insights Seminar Line-Up for 2023-2024

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