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Calling DIBS Ep 68: How Behavioural Insights & Change Management Intersect

Yarnel Bender talks us through how Behavioural Insights and Change Management complement and enrich each other. She also shares tips for using BI in everyday work and communicating about BI […]

Listen to Episode 68: “How Behavioural Insights & Change Management Intersect” with Yarnel Bender, Associate Vice President, Corporate Change Management & Communications, at TD Bank.
(35 minutes; posted Nov. 8, 2023)

Changing behaviour and managing change are two inextricably linked processes. As someone who is both a change management expert and a BI practitioner, Yarnel Bender is the perfect person to talk us through how these two tools complement and enrich each other. We also talk about how to use BI in everyday work, how to communicate about BI, and the value of bringing your own background and expertise into your BI practice.

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