Who are you? What is important to you? What are some critical moments in your experience of learning to teach?

Here you might introduce yourself as an individual – or, more specifically, an educational blogger! Connect your past lived experience with your experience in Teacher Education. Share and reflect on your significant experiences, defining moments, influences, qualifications. What you decide to share about yourself is entirely up to you. Keep in mind your own privacy and that of others as you create this page. You might include some of the following:

  • photographs – To learn how to add an image, click here.
  • vignette depicting a critical moment in your movement towards the teaching profession
  • a link to your resume (be cautious about identifying information & ensure there is no identifying information about others). You might consider password protecting this page or leaving it out entirely.

NB: artifacts might appear as ‘sub-pages’ to the Main autobiography page… or they may be embedded into one page. Click on the Curriculum Vitae page to learn how to make sub-pages and drop down menus!

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