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The Trottoir Roulant in 1900 Paris World’s Fair: controlling a spatial division

The expansion of colonies overseas and the growth of the colonial culture continued to shape the ego of Parisiens and the metropole of Paris to be a world centre and a global nexus in 1900[1]. As the last in the five most important[2] World’s Fairs held in Paris, the Paris exposition of 1900 presented a […]


Palais des Machines in 1889 World’s Fair: Materializing A New Notion

“Public opinion had so long ignored the art of iron construction [that people were not prepared to recognize or evaluate a work of the strength and boldness of the Galerie des Mahinces]. I remember very clearly a hallucinatory passage through the brightness of the nave in a travelling crane, above whirlpools of twisting reptilian belts, […]

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