Research Team & Partners

Media Artist and UBC Okanagan faculty Aleksandra Dulic and Miles Thorogood with UBC Graduate Students Jacen Dennis, Amberley John, and Emerald Holt created a multimedia presentation of animated images.

Aleksandra Dulic, Ph.D., a media artist, is an Associate Professor in Creative Studies and Director of the Centre for Culture and Technology. Miles Thorogood, Ph.D., a media artist, is an Assistant Professor, composer-performer, interaction designer, and audio producer. Aleksandra’s and Miles’ collaborative creative practice explores the use of technology to enable media performances and installations rich in aural, visual, and cultural nuances.

Artist Jacen Dennis acted as lead animator and coordinator. Indigenous artist Amberley John tells and illustrates the story of the Three Brothers and Giant Bear.

Lan Tung told a Chinese tale and composed music for this section. African narrative is told by storyteller Comfort Ero. Emerald Holt animated and composed sound for this story. Keith Hamel composed music for Greek Section. Frazer Sundown’s composition “Season Change” was used in the Haudenosaunee narrative.

The animation and illustration team also included UBCO undergraduate students: Ardanna Semeschuk, illustrating the Greek heroes; Dianne Schnieders, illustrating the Weaver Woman story; Cassidy Mckenzie animated and illustrated African story, Sarah Polak and Charles Landa, providing animation; with additional drawings by Taiwanese artist Li Tung. 

Community Partners: Lightup Kelowna, Arts Council of the Central Okanagan, Museums Society, Rotary Centre for the ArtsKi-Low-Na Friendship Society, Kleos Open Learning, UBC Okanagan 

Communication Assistance: Rosaleen McAfee, April Liu