March 15: Margot Young

Allard School of Law’s own Professor Margot Young will be speaking in the final lecture of the Centre’s Spring lecture series on section 7 of the Charter and housing justice. She will discuss how the struggle for the “soul” of section 7 is an uphill one, requiring that standard shibboleths of liberal legalism—the distinction between positive and negative rights and concerns around justifiability—be faced down.


In PDF: Lecture Poster 03.15.16 Margot Young


Panel Discussion: “Gentrification on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside”

CFLS & the Social Justice Action Network present a collaborative panel discussion:

DISAPPEARING HOMES: Gentrification on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside   

This panel will explore the intersections between gentrification, equality, and the law. This is a particularly interesting topic for Vancouverites, as some of our city’s low-income communities face growing threats to their ability to remain in their neighbourhoods. Come hear from a grassroots organizer, a lawyer, and an urban geographer about the issues, research and reactions surrounding gentrification in Vancouver.

Tuesday, 11 February @ 12:30 PM
Room 122, Allard Hall (1822 East Mall)
View the Facebook event here.

Wendy Pedersen, Grassroots Organizer  

Wendy is a long-time DTES resident and community organizer who has worked as a researcher with the Carnegie Community Action Project, a project of the Carnegie Centre that seeks to keep the DTES a low income friendly community.

DJ Larkin, Lawyer, Pivot Legal Society

DJ was drawn to law by her belief in the law’s power to build a more just society. She currently focuses her practice on litigating and researching the criminalization of homelessness, systems of housing which infringe the human rights and housing rights of low-income renters and housing policies and practices that put women and families at risk.

Lisa Freeman, Post-Doctoral Fellow, SFU Geography

Lisa is an urban legal geographer with roots in anti-poverty activism. Her research interests include municipal governance, single-room occupancy dwellings, gentrification, suburban poverty and public space. She uses feminist research methodologies to explore marginality, inequality and power within urban and suburban spaces.

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