Digital Outreach

C&P-RasSummer 2016 saw a celebration of the  150th anniversary of Crime and Punishment with a major online outreach program! This included multiple components.

On the newly created North American Dostoevsky Society discussion group we hosted an online group read of the novel throughout July. Starting July 1, we began posting discussion questions and moderating a worldwide discussion of Crime and Punishment across our social media, using the discussion group as a locus.

Launching July 7, we began tweeting the Oliver Ready translation of the no730stepsvel (used with permission of Penguin Books US) on the account @RodionTweets. The project is a collective effort organized by Brian Armstrong and Katherine Bowers, in collaboration with Kate Holland, Sarah Hudspith, Jennifer Wilson, and Sarah Young, with significant support from Kristina McGuirk. To learn more about it, click here. Tweets will continue until spring 2018, when the epilogue finishes.

In August we organized a virtual C&P film adaptation festival. We invited the public to view three adaptations at home, and discuss them live on Twitter or after the fact on FB with other Dostoevsky fans. You can see our discussions on the Twitter hashtag #cp150filmfest!

Throughout July, August, and SeptemberThe Bloggers Karamazov hosted a series of blog posts from the @RodionTweets team and from prominent Dostoevsky specialists about different aspects of the novel.

Our aim was to get people reading, thinking about, and discussing Dostoevsky’s novel! What better way to celebrate a book than to bring people together to experience it for the first time or in new ways?


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