CPEN 442 (formerly, EECE 412), “Introduction to Cybersecurity,” is a fourth year undergraduate elective course that introduces students to the subject of computer security from the technical point of view. The purpose of this course is to help students in learning the principles of computer and information security in general and of constructing secure systems in particular.

The students are expected to learn:

  • the following key principles of conventional computer security
    • security policies
    • cryptography
    • authentication
    • data protection
    • access control
    • security assurance
  • principles and practices of developing secure software systems .

What those who took the course say about it

Below are comments from those students who took the course in the Fall of 2007:
“Great course that takes you from the mind of the criminal to the wit of the defender!” Anonymous student

“It is an excellent computer security entrying course. Course is well organized to know the basic concept and technical domain of computer security.” Anonymous student

“One of the few courses in the department which is actually 100% practical and industry-applicable. The content of the course is useful for not only a technical career, but also for those who wish to go into general management, law, etc… You learn real-world stuff!” Anonymous student

“A great introduction into the world of computer security. If you want to learn to design secure systems, take this course” Anonymous student

“This course teaches you a little bit of everything, programming, security, teammwork, communication and presentation abilities. It is a real good way to sharpen your skills” Anonymous student

Below are comments from those students who took the course in the Spring of 2007:

“A multi-tiered approach to absorbing principles of security engineering comprising of traditional learning and a strong focus on active involvement through Q&A, team work and presentations.” Anonymous student

“Very interesting course – learnt a lot about computer security.” Anonymous student

“This course is full of information both relevant and useful to any career path within computer engineering. Knowing common security pitfalls, and the general principles behind computer security systems is the first step in avoiding those silly mistakes that end up costing everyone a lot of time and money.” Neale Genereux 4th Year Computer Engineering

“Do you have problem on future plan? Taking EECE 412, Computer Security, provides you a way to develop your future career on IT security.” Anonymous student

“This course is a good introduction to the aspects of computer security systems, as it both teaches the principles and allows for an opportunity to apply these principles” Anonymous student