Some of the homework assignments are individual and some are to be done in groups. Assignment instructions state whether it’s individual or group assignment.

You are to work on group problem sets and term projects in same groups. For group assignments, one problem set will be turned in by each group, and one grade will be given for each assignment. For group assignments, you must work in groups and submit one solution. Be sure that you understand and approve the solutions turned in to each problem. Get your group organized as soon as you can, and indicate the composition of your group on Canvas. Contribution of each student to the group assignments will be evaluated by the other team members via iPeer.

If you have trouble finding a group, use Piazza forum of the course to look for a group. To prevent your group from falling apart, make sure everyone participates and that you all communicate on a regular basis. If you have a problem with a group-mate, talk to them first. If you are unable to make a compromise or your group does fall apart, talk to the staff.

Solution Formatting: You must use the CPEN442 assignment template (wordlatexoverleaf) for all your solution submissions. Submissions are accepted in PDF formats only. Assignments submitted in any other format will be discarded without marking and 0 points will be given. All text in the assignment submissions must be typed and figures (if any) plotted to be easy to read and understood.

How to Submit Your Solution: via Canvas.

Assignment Instructions: