2022 Mini-Conference Jury

The projects and their presentations at the mini-conference will be evaluated by the following jury

Robert Krisciunas, Chief Security Engineer for MDA

Robert Krisciunas is the Chief Security Engineer for MDA Ltd, Canada’s leading Space Technology company, In this capacity, Rob is responsible for ensuring that the solutions MDA builds meet our customers security needs. With over 25 years experience, Rob has been at the forefront of developing and deploying security technologies, processes and architectures across 6 continents and all industry sectors. In addition to defining complex, enterprise wide solutions, Rob has been active in developing specific security products, including those that use AI for network defence within terrestrial and space based environments. While achieving success in domains ranging from space to undersea, Rob has also been active in building training and mentoring programs for students of all skills and backgrounds. Having worked in organizations ranging from startups to some of the largest in Canada, Rob has always focused on a holistic approach to security engineering and how it applies to all phases of a system lifecycle. He is a passionate believer that good security engineering means good engineering overall.

Chester Wisniewski,
Principal Research Scientist, Sophos

Chester Wisniewski is a principal research scientist at next-generation security leader Sophos. With more than 20 years of professional experience, he analyzes the massive amounts of attack data gathered by SophosLabs to distill and share relevant information in an effort to improve the industry’s understanding of evolving threats, attacker behaviors and effective security defenses. He’s helped organizations design enterprise-scale defense strategies, served as the primary technical lead on architecting Sophos’ first email security appliance, and consulted on security planning with some of the largest global brands. He’s widely recognized as one of the industry’s top security researchers and is regularly consulted by press, appearing on BBC News, ABC, NBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, CBC, NPR, and more. Chester is available on Twitter (@chetwisniewski) and can be reached via email at chet.wisniewski@sophos.com.
Konstantin Beznosov,
Professor, ECE UBC
Konstantin (Kosta) Beznosov is a Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer EngineeringUniversity of British Columbia, where he directs the Laboratory for Education and Research in Secure Systems Engineering. His research interests are usable security, mobile security and privacy, security and privacy in online social networks, and web security. Prior UBC, he was a Security Architect at Hitachi Computer Products (America) and Concept Five. Besides many academic papers, he is also a co-author of “Enterprise Security with EJB and CORBA” and “Mastering Web Services Security” books, as well as XACML and several CORBA security specifications. He has served on program committees and/or helped to organize SOUPS, ACM CCS, IEEE Symposium on Security & Privacy, NSPW, NDSS, ACSAC, SACMAT. Prof. Beznosov has served as an associate editor of ACM Transactions on Information and System Security (TISSEC) and Elsevier’s Computers & Security.