Old Exams for Practice

Here are some old exams and sample exams (from previous terms).

Several caveats apply: In many cases these are not my exams. I do not have additional materials related to these exams that might be missing. I have not recently reviewed these, and I don’t know how well they relate to what we’ve done so far.

(I can say that we have not yet discussed decision-theoretic lower bounds and may not do so, although many of you likely saw Ω(n lg n) bound on sorting by comparisons in CPSC 221, which is a decision-theoretic lower bound.)

Some of these require the login “cpsc320” and the solutions password for our course to access, which is posted on Piazza:

Old samples I found through online searches:

Old course offerings are often available at http://www.ugrad.cs.ubc.ca/~cs320/YYYYSP, where YYYY is the 4-digit year, S is the session (W or S), and P is the part (1 or 2, often missing in summer). Here’s a few:

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