Instructor: Steve Wolfman <>Steve and daughter Naomi howling on the train
Office: ICCS 239 (come on in if my door is open!)
Office hours: Mondays 12:00–14:00, Thursdays 13:30–15:00

Note: On Thursdays, I may occasionally have to cancel the first half hour due to department meetings. On Mondays, I’ll be coming from lecture in DMP 310; so, if I’m not there right at 12, I’m on my way followed by a scrum of people with questions!



A note on office hours:

Office hours are your time. You needn’t make an appointment or wait outside the door. Come right in and take part! (If you want to meet privately with one of us, however, please let us know.)

In addition: (1) Steve has an open-door policy: if my door is open, please come in and talk! Since my door isn’t always open, you can also e-mail me to make an appointment. (2) Steve will usually be available for ~20 minutes after the end of each class. Grab me at the end of class and don’t let go until you get your answer (or I pepper-spray you).