Lecture Notes 2016/09/12

Today we’ll finish the first stable marriage handout and start talking about the critical concept of reductions.

Important notes for today:

  • In class starting today, you’re welcome to use screens (laptops, phones, etc.) for course-related tasks but not for anything else. Exception: if you’re sitting in the back row, you may do what you like with your screens (within legal limits). Please always keep the volume off. (Justification at end of message.)
  • A classroom switch (and allowing the waitlist in) looks likely, more news ASAP!
  • Here’s our new handout on reductions and stable marriage.
  • The pre-class quiz went well. Despite being “any submission gets full credit”, the vast majority of people answered the first two pre-class quiz questions right, and a majority answered the third right. To the 40% of people who got the third one wrong: finish that worked example by Wed!
  • For next class, review the syllabus.
  • The next pre-class quiz is due by noon on 2016/09/14 (Wed) and is about the syllabus.
  • The assignment version of the first tutorial quiz question has already been posted. Others will be posted as those tutorials finish (including the full assignment after the Wed tutorial).

Justification of our in-class screen policy: Research has shown that you inhibit your own learning (or at least grades) by using screens for unrelated purposes during class. But, you’re adults; so, that’s your choice. However, you also inhibit the learning of those around you, which you have no right to do. (Similarly, no smoking in the classroom, please.)

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