Lecture Notes 2016/09/21

We’ll finish up our review of asymptotic analysis today. Don’t spend the whole day on that crazy square-root-of-n-to-the-square-root-of-n function! 🙂

A few notes:

  • The first assignment is due Thursday (tomorrow) at 5PM on handin. Click the “assignment” category on the blog to see more information! Name your PDF file solution.pdf.
  • Our second tutorial quiz will happen in tutorial next week, with the same format as this tutorial quiz. Likely topics include stable marriage, reductions, asymptotic analysis, and graphs.
  • Read Sections 3.1-3.3 in the textbook and complete the pre-class quiz for Friday. (Invitations have already been sent.)
  • Here’s a sample solution to our asymptotic analysis notes.

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