Lecture Notes 2016/09/23

Today we’ll start working with graphs. We’re going to play around with the concepts of “diameter” and “articulation point” just to get some experience with graphs. We’ll also spend some time with the DFS and BFS algorithms.

  • Here are today’s notes on graphs, diameter, and articulation points.
  • We need to spend a minute or two on some items from today’s pre-class quiz.
  • The sample solution to the first assignment is out¬†on the blog under assignments (and will generally be out immediately after the slightly late deadline we leave as slack in case you have technical troubles). You need the password posted on Piazza.
  • The second tutorial quiz is coming in your tutorial at the start of next week!
  • Read Section 3.4 in the textbook for Monday. I may also manage to post another video of a worked example over the weekend, which would be good to read. (Sick child at home; we’ll see how that plays out.)
  • There is no pre-class quiz for Monday.

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