August 7 Handouts and Notes

Today we’ll develop a reduction to show that the Steiner Problem is NP-hard and then work on proving the correctness of our reduction.

Announcements for today:

  • Assignment 6 has been released as of 11:15 PM on August 6. Be sure to note the earlier-than-usual deadline (11 PM Sunday)!
  • You have a quiz today in tutorial, based on Assignment 6 (there will be some additional details given in lecture).
  • Please fill in your course evaluationsYour feedback is helpful both for me personally and for future CPSC 320 instructors. We will allow time in class for this on Friday, but this is in case you won’t be here or would like extra time.
  • We have some miscellaneous fun stuff planned for our last lecture on Friday! Details to follow at the start of today’s lecture.

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