This zine, It Happens Here Too: Legacies of Eugenics In So-Called British Columbia, outlines intersections in the context of Indigenous reproductive health on Turtle Island– analysing the connections between reproductive justice, historical eugenics laws, and contemporary medical practices. Specifically, this zine traces the impacts of historical legislation, namely, “The Sexual Sterilization Act” of BC (abolished in 1979) to ongoing class action lawsuits addressing coerced sterilization in so-called Canada as of 2023. It was submitted as a Colonial Legacies assignment in CULT 340 Colonialism and Decolonization.

Sophie Harms CULT 340 Colonial Legacies Project

Sophie Harms is a fourth-year Cultural Studies Major as of January 2024. Her research interests include analysing means of reparative reproductive justice practices within so-called Canada and British Columbia, as well as the branding mechanisms of contemporary anti-abortion proponents and how abortion and other birth control technologies are culturally constructed and conceptualized.