Caudillos versus the nation state

It matters who you know and how well you know them

Before watching this video I had never heard of clientism, I had never heard of the caudillos, but I had heard of liberalism. In some ways, liberalism is the guise that leads much of the Western world, that if you work hard eventually you will rise up through the ranks. What is most potent about this, however, is that much of this notion is a lie. The idea of upward mobility is often a ruse to make people complacent with their lot in life when in reality most societies rely on a scheme of clientism.

Even today who you know and how well you know them often trumps how smart you are. There is a cycle of poverty and insecurity among the working classes that have not been fixed post-revolutionist times, and I believe that it is time that we realised this.

2 thoughts on “Caudillos versus the nation state

  1. Hi!

    I totally agree with the misleading possibilities that are put out by liberalism and its ideologies. I think that networking is the way to get ahead, much like during the time of the caudillos.

  2. I often feel the same way as you describe in this entry. It doesn’t matter how well I might do something, how much I know about something or what experience I have in a particular field…what matters is which head honcho I have or can impress upon. It certainly makes me wonder about small-scale caudillos in the workplace, and ultimately how expendable they are.

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