Postdoctoral Fellows

Priya Kissoon  COMPLETED 2009  

Priya Kissoon is currently a SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow in Geography at UBC. She was awarded her B.A. (Honours), B.Ed. and M.A. at York University in Toronto. She received her doctorate in Geography from King’s College, London. Her dissertation was an international comparative study examining the relationship between refugees’ meanings of “home” and experiences of homelessness in the UK and Canada. Her research interests include homelessness, the asylum-migration nexus, multiculturalism, and immigrant integration. She is also interested in methodologies for comparative research and research with “hard-to-reach” groups. Priya’s research fellowship will compare the housing and homelessness experiences of migrants in Toronto and Vancouver who move between undocumented and refugee-claimant status. Please contact her at pkissoon (at) geog (dot) ubc (dot) ca for more information or check