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Step 7: This is my New Life


Figure 1. A parent

Once you have found the professionals who will be working with you and your family, you are able to breathe. You may start to adjust to your life. You will start to realize that your journey will have positive and negative aspects, just the like the journey of any parent. You are likely to encounter a few more difficulties along the way, but you may also experience more rewards. Many parents of children with special needs state how having a child who is “different” has taught them to look at the world in a new way.

Please take the time to read the very well-known article ‘Welcome to Holland‘ that Emily Perl Kingsley wrote, a long time ago, about the experience of raising a child with special needs.


Figure 2. A parent

Finally, we have heard from many parents, like you, that some people just do not understand how difficult your life can be. They wonder why you sometimes do not show up (or are late) for meetings. A parent wrote this wonderful article that we would like to share with you, having heard someone ask at a meeting “where are the parents?

We would like to thank you for taking this course and hope that it has helped you, even if just a little bit. We developed it for you.

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