“Art Junction – Art Education 2.0 Manifesto”

In this article, Craig Roland questions:

What are the implications of this paradigm shift for art education? Specifically, what role should art education play in educating today’s youth who are growing up in a post-digital world?

After a brief discussion of art education and the proliferation of participatory media technologies, Roland states:

…technology is a catalyst that can provide new ways to enhance and in some cases transform art learning if it is appropriately engaged through challenging curriculum goals and sound pedagogical practices.

He then provides 10 guidelines to follow for weaving web 2.0 technologies into an art classroom.

I  think that this piece is a GREAT summary of what it means to meaningfully entrench technology into the modern classroom. It acknowledges the importance of pedagogy, communication, and copyright. It blasts past the negative comments which can sometimes surround the topic, and seeks to provide a concise explanation of how this can be done. Rather than summarizing the whole piece here, I truly recommend reading it yourself.

In closing, I share this final quote which resonated strongly with me:

Art Education 2.0 is about flattening the classroom so that everyone is a learner and anyone can be a teacher.

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