Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I am hoping to explore a wide array of educational softwares available for free online. In addition, I’d like to learn about teacher’s use of the web in art education more generally. I would like to diversify my technological and artistic ‘toolkit’ in preparation for entering teacher’s college in the spring. While I am unsure of the final form this project will take, I plan to keep a blog of my iterative learning process. This blog will likely include posts for various softwares I explore, listing their pedagogical pros and cons, as well as things that make each one unique (similar to the evaluation forms we have been using for in class presentations). Some of the softwares I have recently found in my Googling adventures which I plan to explore further include: Scratch, Sketch Up, Prezi, Emaze,, Voxer, QR codes, Kaizena, and Plickers (to start).

Some articles I plan to read and review include:

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