I had the opportunity to explore Prezi while creating my midterm demonstration presentation – UBC Blogs: The Basics.

I ended up choosing a linear design early in the presentation’s creation. While this helps when constructing a sequential narrative, I found that editing a linear design could be challenging. I would recommend that other people use a non-linear design for their presentation unless they have already mapped out all of their material ahead of time. I am a stickler for continuity, and therefore if someone shows me a pathway I would prefer to follow that path rather than jump ahead and jump back.

While Prezi’s offer a more artistic format for presentations, the downside is that to use it for free your slideshow will be available on the site for anyone to access. If you have a presentation you would like to make with some confidential information, you would need to brainstorm some creative workarounds. For example, you could link to some information you would like to show which is password protected.

In regards to it’s use in the classroom, Prezi has an Edu-Blog where tips and tricks are shared about using Prezi as an educator. While most of these applications are for highschool classrooms, I believe that even younger audiences could benefit from simple uses of this platform for classroom activities. Apparently, students and teachers are eligible to receive an Edu Enjoy license for free – as long as you have an e-mail address associated with an educational institution. This platform allows you to make your presentations private! One can find updates of whats newly available and tips and tricks on their Twitter account as well.

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