“Primer for EdTech”

This “Primer for EdTech” tools for teachers blog post by Michelle Kassorla firmly states her position from the outset when she states:

To ignore the technology, or assume that our students already know it because they use it every day, is to participate in educational malpractice.

While this statement might seem volatile at the surface, I believe that the message is irrefutably true. Students must be provided with an educational environment in which they can learn to use technology for creative and constructive purposes, and not only for entertainment purposes. Being provided a risk reduced environment in which to experiment with their participation with Web 2.0 and discuss the hazards and opportunities afforded by the technology is critical to healthy relationship development with the online world.

Bringing it back to the article itself, Kassorla shares her advice on best practice with a number of Web 2.0 softwares. In particular, her discussion about Twitter is what drew me into her post. As I passed through the latter years of highschool, I noticed as teachers began to use Twitter for professional communication within and between professional development sessions and within grade levels. A plethora of hashtags exist for a variety of subjects and grades, and also for education more generally. I am definitely planning to create a Twitter page for myself over the holidays as I begin to dig into the literature for my PDP program, and start connecting with teachers I already have relationships with – as well as those I would like to network with.

Upon googling “Twitter for teachers”, I was brought (again) to Kathy Schrock’s “Guide to Everything” website. I’ve come here before for other information, and she has a great way of curating any and all resources you might need. Her Twitter page has a wealth of resources I plan to explore. As a token, I thought I’d include this great graphic on Twitter use by teachers as a guide.

twitter spectrum for educators

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