EDST Blog: Call for Papers (and Introduction to Editorial Board)

The EDST blog editorial board is pleased to invite EDST students, staff, and faculty to submit contributions to the EDST blog.


Department head André Mazawi described EDST as our “common home,” “in the sense of a space we all share in the pursuit of our work, studies, and contributions.”

The EDST blog serves as an extension of this shared space, where authors can:

  • Start conversations and raise questions
  • Reflect on university life and student issues
  • Discuss others subjects within education

Watch the video below for more details, then scroll to the bottom to this post to find the full call, and introduction to the blog’s new editorial board!

Questions about submissions can be directed to Jessica Lussier at edstblog.editor@ubc.ca.

Call For Papers


Introducing the Editorial Board

Many thanks to previous GAAs and EDST students who volunteered as the blog’s editorial team. The blog warmly welcomes Silas Krabbe and Yotam Ronen as new members of the editorial board.


Silas Krabbe is a PhD student in EDST working within the philosophy of education. His research attempts to understand unintended cognitive violence between the educator and educatee, through the lenses of race, phenomenology, and theology. When off campus, you probably won’t find him; he’ll be out skiing or sailing with his wife and daughter.


Yotam Ronen is a PhD candidate at EDST. His research focuses on how radical educators during the early 20th century used education to realize their ideology of a free, egalitarian, and cooperative utopian society. He is also a bass player, currently playing live all over Vancouver with the Sam Rocha Trio, and bakes way too much bread.


Questions around Community

  • How are communities formed?
  • What does it mean to live, work, learn, or educate in community?
  • What goals might educative communities hold in common?
  • How does the research you are currently doing shape how you understand community


EDST students, faculty and staff are invited to share further questions they’d like to pose around the theme of “community” below in a shared Padlet.
Instructions to post: You can click on the plus sign to add a message, your name and a visual if you wish. 


On Academic Blogging (and an Invitation for the New Year)

Part 1 of the EDST Blog Writing Series: “On Academic Blogging”

If you were to go back even a short time in history, the term “blogging” would elicit strange looks and confusion from those you talked to. Early models of the blog, dating back to 1994,  emphasized the personal, encouraging users to document their lives and hobbies and share them via platforms such as Livejournal and Blogger. With the integration of images and videos, and the invention of social media, blogs became even more engaging.
The genre of “academic blogging” encompasses a broad range of uses, including blogging about university or student experiences, blogging for research, and blogging for teaching and learning. Anthony Salamone describes:

“Academic blogs are an important vehicle for sharing your research with and offering your analysis to colleagues and the wider world…their shorter format, potential reach, and faster publication times make them an important part of contemporary research life.”

Some of the benefits of writing academic blog posts include:

The opportunity to test an idea or concept

Do you have a paper idea that isn’t quite fully formed that you’d like to develop? Pondering a piece of data or claim that you’d like to engage with an audience?
Blog posts are a short, accessible way to engage with an idea that you’ve been thinking about, but isn’t ready for formal academic outlets. A guide from University of Wisconsin-Madison describes that:

“Blogs can be a forum for writers to get feedback on half–formed ideas and emerging stances, and through comments, readers can talk with and back to writers and build communities.”

Helping your writing reach a wider audience

Blogs have the benefit of always being open access, allowing your writing to be shared across social media and through other networks. The option of including images, videos and hyperlinks makes engagement with blog posts faster and easier than traditional publishing outlets.
Being part of the UBC blog network, the EDST blog hosts the opportunity to share your writing across the university and beyond to larger audiences that may not be able to access academic writing behind paywalls.

Editing for beyond academia

Academic blog posts are different than class papers or journal articles; writing a blog post compels you to distill your essential argument or thesis to fit the shorter and more accessible format, a valuable skill for all writers!

Interested in becoming involved with EDST’s blog?

Click below to check out the full call for applications to the Blog’s Editorial Board. Deadline extended through December 16th!
Questions or feedback should be directed to Jessica Lussier at edstblog.editor@ubc.ca

As 2022 draws to a close, I’d like to continue an invitation started by EDST’s Mary Kostandy. EDST students, faculty and staff are invited to share visual or textual messages for the holidays and hopes for 2023 on this page.
Instructions to post: You can click on the plus sign to add a message, your name and a visual if you wish. 


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Introduction to Blog Editor and Call for Editorial Board

Hi there,

My name is Jessica Lussier, and I am EDST’s first blog editor.

I joined the EDST community back in 2018 when I began my PhD. Since the pandemic began, I’ve missed being involved in the EDST community. As the blog editor I envision the blog as a forum where EDST students and faculty can publicly share their research, provoke dialogue on topics in education, discuss student issues, and engage with others within the UBC community.

In the coming weeks, in conjunction with EDST GAA Itamar Manoff, the blog will host a writing series focused on different types of blog content, translating academic writing into public facing work, and other themes. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

In my own work I research and write about issues around climate change, environmental education, and living ethically within the ecosystems of which humans are a part. Over the past few years, I’ve acted as social media coordinator and copyeditor for several organizations, and I believe these roles will serve me well as EDST’s inaugural blog editor. I look forward to working with authors, enhancing the outreach of the blog, and making connections within and beyond the university.

Just like any journal or publisher, however, I cannot do this work alone! Which is why I am releasing the below call for a blog Editorial Board. The call is open to all current EDST students, and applications are due by Friday December 9th. Please see below for further details and click here to complete the application form.

Questions about the editorial board should be directed to: edstblog.editor@ubc.ca

Keep an eye out for news about the blog, calls for content, and other news in upcoming GAA newsletters and department announcements!


Jessica Lussier

EDST Blog Editor