un jour se levera…

Beginning of a new term is always busy in my role here at OLT (yeah, you know me). However it’s doubly busy when I act as both instructional designer/project manager and course co-author. This term I’m also the instructor in such a  course. Puis j’ai la tête qui éclate…

OK, not really. But it is challenging in particular ways. I’ve already learned a few things during the run-up to ETEC 565. These include:

  1. when you wear multiple hats including project manager (PM), develop an approvals process and stick to it
  2. it’s not your fault when a server gets updated and it entirely changes the interface
  3. #2, however, is still your problem if one of the early activities is dependent on said server
  4. material reviews should largely travel in one direction, even if the feedback is iterative
  5. Googledocs, for all its potential, falls down miserably when writing collaboratively, since it doesn’t track changes the way a full-feature word processor can

I remain unable to defy the space-time continuum 🙁

On the plus side of things, it’s abundantly clear to me already that each section (I have 3) has a great group of people enrolled. As an educator, really that’s about the best you can ask for. This is gonna be teh OS-SOME!

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