Team 2010

Word over the ether that I am now officially confirmed as a member of Team 2010. Again.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Olympic Games since childhood. In fact, after the 1994 Games in Lillehammer I published an op-ed in the Province proposing a joint bid for Vancouver Whistler (still waiting for my seat on the Board of Directors on that one), and watched the bid announcement live over the ‘net at 01h30 Sydney time back in 03. I’ve always dreamed of attending the Games and soon I’d be able to attend them in my own community.

Fast forward to 2007 and I’m working at UBC, on a self-created (grant funded) job. Grant is running out on Halloween, and there’s nothing on the horizon at the Ube. But largely due to my Olympic fanaticism I’ve been keeping an eye on the job boards at Vanoc. And wouldn’t you know it: a job that I’m totally qualified for appears.

I applied, and got that gig (Training Specialist). You can thank me for all the awesome things volunteers experience during their training….all the bad stuff someone else did. I got to work on some really great stuff, but also encountered a few things that were causing me to lose my love of the Games. So I decided I would need to move on…and again, a job that suits me–better, in fact–appears on the UBC job board. In the unit I had targetted for my post-Olympics job search. And the job is even better than I hoped.  🙂

When I resigned, several folks asked if I had planned on being a volunteer (I had), so I sort of had my pick of the gigs. I chose the team I’d most like to work with–all friends, all awesome people. I am a Team Lead, Uniform distribution. I start my role before Christmas, but also get much of my commitment out of the way before the Games themselves.

And I  get a kewl uniform.  🙂

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  1. Ernest Pao says:

    Hi John!

    I’m a huge fan of the Olympics too! Just spent $$$$ a couple weekends ago and got some cool tickets. I was also hired to volunteer but unfortunately, the school board is not letting us off for those two week =(. Nice you got a chance to be involved in a once in a lifetime event!


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