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I’ve had a paper accepted here; so I’ll be travelling to Novi Sad Serbia in late June. After looking at various permutations of dates and flights (taking into account the husband’s birthday on 18 June), here’s my itin:

  • 19 June Depart YVR (via YYC and FRA)
  • 20 June Arrive Belgrade; transfer to Novi Sad
  • ????? (some combination of Bosnia, Croatia and perhaps Slovenia)
  • 23 June transfer to Belgrade for 1-2 nights

04 July Depart Zagreb; arrive in YVR later same day (via YYC and FRA)

This routing puts on Air Canada from Western Canada to Europe. I should be able to sleep decently–especially if I can use some of my upgrade points.

So good people, have you travelled the region? Lived there? Suggestions for travel between cities, places to stay, things to see and do? I’m too old for backpackers; too poor for 5 stars. Here’s my current thinking for the ????? bit:

  • 24 June fly to Sarajevo
  • 24-28June: Sarajevo, Mostar
  • 28 June: bus to Dubrovnik
  • 30 June: fly to Zagreb
  • 02 July: train to Ljubljana (friends there)
  • 03 July: train to Zagreb

But would welcome suggestions!

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