I’ll be presenting a paper at this conference mid-June. The preliminary programme has been set and as I feared I’m in the opening slot on the first morning of the conference. Feared? Well, yeah…I will have arrived from Vancouver around 8pm the evening before. Here’s my route:

  • Vancouver to Calgary
  • Calgary to Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt to Belgrade
  • Transfer Belgrade to Novi Sad

Assuming I got the airport in Vancouver 2 hours before departure that’s around 21 hours of elapsed travel time. Fingers crossed I can use some upgrade points on the flight to Frankfurt; regardless I’ll be able to access the showers in the lounge before my flight to Belgrade (it’s about a 5 hour connection).

So I won’t have had any time to figure out how to get to the conference venue before the morning I present. Or transportation options. Or where the building or room are. Far from ideal; it’ll be fine.

What I am chuffed about is my co-presenters. I’m sharing a 90 minute slot with a team from Poland and another from Croatia. That’s cool! Oh, and a chocolate biscuit to the first UBCer to translate the topic of this posting… 😉

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2 Responses to Cipela

  1. novak says:

    Shoe 🙂
    and can you pack me in your bag or… shoe?

  2. John P Egan says:

    Come get your cookie, oprostite!

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