not cleaning my oven

Welcome to this summer’s cohort of ETEC565A students! Glad to have you aboard!

Was chatting with my Dad today and explained that a new term started this week and that I was teaching in it–online.

“Online? You mean over the internet?”


“What  you teach–is for the….University of….Vancouver up there?”

“UBC. University of British Columbia, yeah that’s right.”

“What subject?”

*deep breath* “Well…I teach a course on how to create online courses. So it’d be more than a little hypocritical if we couldn’t teach it online.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Fast forward several hours and I’ve done my chores, watched the Canucks turn a game around in less than 2 minutes (sweet!) and am now “teaching”. When it occurred to me: is teaching online the pedagogical equivalent of that old 1970s commercial: “I’m cleaning my oven, while  I ________!”

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  1. Crystal Clark says:

    I’m whitening my teeth, while I _________ (walk to work)!

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