Dober dan; da li razumjete engleski? Francuski? Oprostite? *pout*

Greetings from Novi Sad, in the Autonomous Region of Vojvodina. Which was rather autonomous pre-Milosevic, thanks to it’s exceedingly multi-cultural population. Ya got yer Serbs, yer Hungarians, yer Croats, yer Roma, yer Slovaks. And your Bokics.  😉

After a wicked long journey (22 hours door-to-door) today’s my second real day in Serbia. Thanks to better living through chemistry and a decent night’s sleep, day one was pretty good–long, but good. Day 2 started with waking up at the crack of dawn, not realizing it for about 45 minutes, then going back to (fitful) sleep for another hour. Sso far I’ve not fallen over in the street., so it’s all good.

NS is a nice little city. There’s an ubiquitous cafe culture and, as is often the case here in the former Yugoslavia lots of very tall 190cm+ men.During my talk yesterday I had a full room and only one quasi-poopyhead.Now I can relax.

So far the calibre of the papers has been mixed. And I’ve forgotten what tools sone audience members can be: hello collegiality? Oh and btw: if you haven’t verified your sample is a Gaussian distribution…don’t submit a paper with a t-test. I mean, come on. Really.

Later today I’m off to Belgrade for a couple, then off to Sarajevo.

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  1. Heather (me!) says:

    Wow….have a great adventure today!

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